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Baseball Fun with Your Preschooler

Posted on 06-28-2017

If your preschooler is in need of a little activity, or shows signs of having a love of sports, get them started by teaching them the basics of baseball.

Begin with the Basics

Not all children are the same, and some may need more introduction time to throwing and catching than others. Start with the basic fun of tossing a ball back and forth. You can even give them a glove to hold while doing so if they’re highly coordinated.

Try T-Ball!

A good way to teach your little ones about swinging at the plate is through T-ball. Stand your child at the T correctly, showing them how to swing slowly at first. While this activity should be fun and not like a structured lesson, the earlier you show them how to swing correctly, the better.

Keep Practicing

Once your preschooler is comfortable with hitting the ball at the T and can aim fairly well, move on to having them hit a ball that you throw. Softer, bigger baseballs and lighter bats are ideal for smaller children who just need to focus on the motions and will have a harder time aiming. If your child is showing signs of frustration, don’t let them throw their bat or make a fuss. At the preschool level, most of the learning at this point is the basics, and they’re not going to have the hand-eye coordination that the game fully requires.

Let this be a fun, light hearted activity that’s mostly about time together and learning the basics. If done right, your child will have a love of the game by the time they’re ready to step up to a bigger plate.

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