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Cold Weather Preschool Activities

Posted on 11-29-2017

Many people love the cold, but with the cold comes long days of staying inside where it’s nice and warm. If your preschoolers are getting riled up and need some fun winter activities to turn their energy into, look no further than this list.

Bake Away the Time!

With winter comes infinite recipes for sweetness—from pie to sugar cookies or gingerbread houses, you’ll never run out of things to bake. Introduce a passed-down recipe to your child, or find something new to try out together. Something that never gets old is decorating sugar cookies! Grab some red and green icing and let your kiddos decorate to their heart’s content—just make sure the cookies have cooled first!

Get Crafty

Whether you have glitter glue galore or just some paper and crayons, you’ll be amazed at what preschoolers will come up with if you let their creativity run freely! Have a winter-themed craft day and design your own ornaments!

Holiday Movie Marathon

Pop some popcorn and spend some quality time with your family sharing your favorite holiday movies. Just because you’ve seen Frosty the Snowman about a million times doesn’t mean your little one has! Make an old movie new again just by watching your kiddos’ reactions to a timeless classic.

Read a Holiday Book

Just because your preschooler is on winter vacation doesn’t mean they have to stop flexing their reading muscles! Grab a winter-themed book and read it with your preschooler—this could become a favorite tradition to carry out for years to come.

Make a Pillow Fort

If there’s one universal truth of indoor play, it’s that children can’t resist a good fort. So collect some pillows and blankets, and spend the day creating a castle or an igloo. Your little ones will forget all about the wonders of the outdoors and will want to stay in their fort all day. (Make sure to have them clean up before dinner, or grab some sleeping bags and make a night of it!)

Indoor play doesn’t have to be boring or dull. You just have to get creative and be willing to try new things—before you know it, you and your child will be having so much fun, you won’t even care what’s going on outside.

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