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Interactive Learning Technology!

TeachSmart® and

 iStartSmart™ Learning Systems  


The TeachSmart® Learning System is the first comprehensive interactive whiteboard software package developed specifically for early childhood and the only pre-kindergarten educational software accredited by SMART™ Technologies at the highest Select Level. The 65 inch interactive screen combines the simplicity of a whiteboard with the power of a computer. The SMART Board interactive whiteboard engages students in a world of discovery and interaction. 


The iStartSmart™ system consists of a 22 inch touch screen computer with a research-driven instructional technology system designed to increase school readiness skills and provide standards-based, individualized progress monitoring at the touch of a button. The program is driven by adaptive teaching technology that moves preschool-age children positively through 18 skill development areas known to predict success in kindergarten, developing competency before moving to the next skill area or level. 


The TeachSmart® Learning System offers over 1,100 exclusive, customized and scafded activities that reflect the latest scientific research for pre-literacy and mathematics concept acquisition in young children, as well as powerful features for teachers such as digital portfolios. The playful and purposeful activities are designed around core school readiness skill areas of language development, phonological awareness, alphabet knowledge, writing and math.

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