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Enjoy Your Kids while They're Young

Posted on 09-29-2016

There comes a point in every parent’s life that they realize their kids are growing older. People tell you all the time, “It goes by faster than you think.” That’s true. Remember high school? It wasn’t that long ago. Your kids will feel the same way.

One writer talks about her children growing up, how they keep asking you those endless questions when they’re young. She says they don’t stop, but that they “become deeper, more complex, and kids no longer exclusively ask you their questions. They ask teachers, peers, and complete strangers on social media.”

Most parents are worried about the firsts—the first time she walks, the first time she uses the potty correctly, the first time she finishes all her vegetables. But parents, argues this writer, need to think about the lasts too—the “last time they want you to rock them to sleep. The last time you pick them up to carry them. The last time a kiss is able to fix an injury.”

It’s these lasts that tell us about how fast time is really moving. We blink and they’re going to college.

At Kids ‘R’ Kids, we want to slow down those memories and make them last longer. We want children—and parents!—to enjoy their time with us, to sweetly remember those firsts and their lasts.

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