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Four Gift Ideas for Preschoolers

Posted on 12-02-2016

You’re struggling to find a gift for your preschooler for the holidays. We get that. What do you get a child that has little interest in anything but the Suzi Doozi Lifesize Baby Doll she saw on TV that one time? And then the thing cries for hours until you feed it? So, you’re not willing to pay $42.99 for a crying baby doll you will end up taking care of anyway? Totally understandable. Maybe these ideas will help.

  • Want

Instead of the Suzi Baby thing those advertisers are cramming onto every single cartoon on earth, why not couple your gift with something they already have and love? Most gifts will be tossed aside within 48 hours, so if there’s a toy that your child plays with non-stop, what would be perfect is a nice complement to that already-loved toy.

  • Need

Sometimes the needs in our lives have to outweigh the wants in our lives. Even as adults that’s true. So, the trick is to find out how to turn what your child needs into what your child wants. Isn’t that always the hardest part? If she wants the Suzi Lifesize Doll, maybe she only wants the dress on it, so you could get her a new dress instead.

  • Wear

Children need good clothes. They need to learn how to dress appropriately for each occasion, especially as they get older. They need to learn how to match their clothes, how to tuck in their shirts and hold down their dresses. Perhaps the holidays are the perfect time to teach them how to dress like a little gentleman or lady.

  • Read

Books change lives. They’re arguably the most important thing a child could own. A well-stocked library can change the course of a child’s life far more than any other thing. The holidays might just be the right time to start a classic literature collection, picking books that are suitable for children as well as adults. Remember, your child will ask you to read it about fifty times in a row!

There’s no easy answer to, “What should we get for the holidays?” Perhaps you shouldn’t buy anything! Maybe your children should learn the value of giving to others rather than getting for themselves. It depends on your family’s situation and what your child most needs in his or her life. Either way, we hope these gift ideas will inspire you to think deeply through your choices this year—both for you and your child.

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