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How Do You Cook with Preschool Children?

Posted on 06-10-2017

Did you know there are numerous benefits to cooking with your preschooler? Chopping vegetables and pouring ingredients can strengthen their fine motor skills, while following a recipe promotes literacy and listening skills. Not to mention, cooking with kids is a blast! Why not spend the summer teaching your tot a brand new skill? Here’s how you can get cooking.

Start small.

Start with simple tasks like stirring batter together, pouring measuring cups of ingredients into a bowl, or tearing cabbage to add to a salad. Even the small steps of cooking can be a fun experience, and your little one will love getting involved.

Have a cookie party!

Chocolate chip, peanut butter, sugar—oh my! When grocery shopping, pick up a variety of cookie dough, different types of icing, and lots of fun sprinkles. Set up your cookie making station and get creative. This yummy activity is perfect for younger and older kids.

Learn to identify different flavors together!

Set up four small bowls, one filled with salt, one with honey, one with pepper, and the last with lemon juice. Take turns taste testing each ingredient and describe them as salty, sweet, sour, spicy, or bitter. Then, incorporate these flavors into whatever you plan on cooking!

There’s always a job for your preschooler.

Cooking as a family is fun and promotes teamwork, and cleaning up as a family can do the same! From clearing and wiping down the table to rinsing and drying dishes to putting leftover food away, there’s a job for everyone—and you can certainly find one for your preschooler!

You can even spend time looking back on and recreating old family recipes, whether that’s baked cranberry bread or a special barbeque sauce. Your little one will love exploring a new hobby and potentially developing a brand new passion.

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