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Mableton, GA Childcare: 20 Activities to Add to Your Child's Summer Bucket List

Posted on 06-12-2016 | Kids 'R' Kids Learning Academy of Mableton

Warmer weather and long daylight hours mean summer is here! For many working parents, summer comes with the challenge of deciding what to do with children out of school for the summer. It can be tough for parents to think of ways to keep their toddler, preschooler or kindergartener happy, active and engaged all day long. That’s why it’s a great idea to enroll your child in Kids ‘R’ Kids of Mableton’s Academic Literacy and Math Camp or Olympic-themed summer camp. Our 10-week summer camp is a “journey around the world” that combines physical activity, interactive learning and good old-fashioned fun for your 5 to 12-year-old! But what about all the time you have with your child in the evening after camp, or on weekends? Make your child’s summer unforgettable by creating a family bucket list!

Round up the kids and brainstorm things they want to do this summer! Allow them to dream big without shooting down ideas! Then, narrow the list down to things that are realistic, fun and within your family’s budget. To help you get started, we’ve created a list of 20 activities we’re sure your family will enjoy this summer!

1.Take a trip to the city zoo or a farm.

2.Get out the hose and have a water fight!

3.Set up a lemonade stand in the front yard and donate the money to a charity.

4.Lay out on the grass and watch for shooting stars.

5.Fly a kite.

6.Make sidewalk art with chalk.

7.Blow bubbles and have a contest about who can blow the largest one!

8.Go for a bike ride around the neighborhood.

9.Watch the sunrise with a picnic breakfast.

10.Play mini golf.

11.Go on a road trip.

12.Plant flowers or fresh herbs.

13.Make a birdhouse and decorate it together.

14.Go fishing.

15.Watch fireworks on the 4th of July.

16.Go swimming at the community pool or waterpark.

17.Build a treehouse or fort.

18.Catch bugs or fireflies in a jar.

19.Join a summer reading program at your local library.

20.Go to a drive-in movie.

At Kids ‘R’ Kids of Mableton, we value playtime, learning and discovery. We even offer extra-curricular activities for children that are interested in dance, Mandarin Chinese, gymnastics, chess, and more! Schedule a tour of our school this summer to see why Kids ‘R’ Kids of Mableton is the best place for your child’s academic development and success!

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