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Rainy Day Fun with Preschoolers

Posted on 03-28-2017

Rainy days can be a ton of fun if you have a few activities tucked up your sleeve for days when you’re stuck in the house with preschool children. Ease the tension and help your little one burn off some energy with these ideas for rainy day fun.

Have a dance off.

Turn on music from your childhood, and share it with your little one as you dance through the house together. You can even make your own music videos together so the memories can last and be watched over and over again.

Read books together.

Find a series that you can read together and get lost in the world of another character. After the story is over, have your preschooler draw their own book report about the things that they like most about the story.

Play board games.

Pull out the board games and play a round of Chutes and Ladders or Connect Four. Find a few games that everyone can play, and let the competition begin. Go Fish and memory matching games with a deck of cards are always great options too. Make it fun!

Build forts.

Whenever everyone is finally worn out, you can make a blanket fort and settle in for a movie night together. Bring out the classics and any of your old favorites to share with your kids. Sometimes movie and popcorn is all you need to make a dreary day perfect.

Enjoy the time that you have together on those rainy days, and make it a point to make memories and create moments together that will last a lifetime. Document your day through pictures and videos so that you can look back on these younger days with a smile. Your preschooler will grow up before you know it, so cherish these rainy days that you have to spend together. 

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