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Perfect Learning & Nurturing Environment!
My wife and I moved to Georgia over 4 years ago with our infant son and our 2nd on the way. We had no family and no friends to lean on. After doing extensive research of daycare options in the Smyrna/Mableton area, we chose Kids R Kids of Mableton to enroll our children. It was tough to leave our kids in the care of others but KRK Mableton gave us peace of mind and you can't place a value on that! Plus, family members from out of state really enjoyed the ability to log in and see what our kids were up to each day in their classrooms. The staff at KRK greets you with a friendly smile each day and takes the time to get to know you and your children. It's very apparent that they care about your children here! The facility is spotless and the staff goes to great lengths to keep it that way. Parents are always kept up to speed on what the children are learning in their classrooms and any questions we had were handled very professionally. I would highly recommend KRK Mableton for any parent considering daycare options in the area.
Ryan J.
Missing Teacher
Love and miss this wonderful school. But I must say my child had a great experience even though we were there for a short time, Ms. Angie, Ms. Julie and Ms. Leonna were the best trio this school has ever had. Though Ms. Leonna is gone, I love her interaction with my child during the day and she never missed a beat, helping my child to open up. Ms. Angie, Ms. Julie, and Ms. Leonna have done this school a great job by being excellent teacher's. It is my hope that this school continues to flourish into greatness.
T. Lee
Excellent, loving and caring staff and supportive administration. Our daughter loves going here each day and is learning so much, so quickly!
Jennifer I.
We love it!
All 3 of my boys have attended from infancy to 1st grade. From daycare to the teachers, they are warm, kind, and nurturing. My 2 older boys are excelling at their current school thanks to the education they received there. My youngest is currently enrolled in kindergarten at KRK. We love it!
Chris S.
Wonderful center!
I am a behavior specialist for Babies Can't Wait, Georgia's Early Intervention program. I provide developmental therapy for kids across Cobb County- I see a lot of children and a lot of daycares. Kids R Kids Mableton is the friendliest, most professional, safest and cleanest one I see, without a question. The staff are all welcoming and helpful, the classrooms are clean and bright and everyone seems to know everyone else, even though is is a fairly large center. This center is also the only one I have been to that ran their own background check on me before I could walk around in the center unaccompanied, which is an added layer of safety. They are also extremely supportive of outside therapy, should your child need it. The room I work in is bright and well stocked with books and toys.
C. Nation
We couldn’t be more pleased with Kids R Kids Mableton. Our son attended two other centers before coming to Kids R Kids and we can honestly say that we have never dealt with a better group of teachers and administrators; they are PHENOMENAL. Their devotion to the children is incredible and they know each of them by name. Our experience here has been more like an extended family than a school. The center is culturally diverse and academically challenging. The children have homework every week and we are amazed at what Amanda (Mrs. King), our son’s kindergarten teacher, is able to accomplish. It is obvious to us that she loves what she does because it shows. You can assure that no child in her class will be left behind, but be prepared to work. If you are a potential parent looking for a school that will provide your child with a solid foundation, I highly recommend Kids R Kids Mableton; they have exceeded our expectations.
Tracey & LaKeysha Evans - GA
Thanks for a great learning experience!
Dear do I love thee? Let me count the ways! Wow, where to start. This school has been a blessing for all of us working parents and a second home for all of our kids. I remember when I first walked in for an appointment and met with Candice for a tour of the baby room and Pre-K classrooms. My search was over. I had already seen more than 5 places (a list whittled down after many phone calls) and was getting quite discouraged. With a new baby and a 4 year old and my maternity leave deadline looming, I was worried about where to send them. When I walked in, I was instantly put at ease and that is when my love affair with KRK began. Katie has grown so much in the 2 years since she has been a part of the KRK Pre-K and K5 classes. She thrived in Pre0K and was given all the tools and building blocks necessary to advance her reading, math and social skills. We cannot say enough great things about Amanda King and her teaching style. Katie loves to go to school and I know it’s because of Amanda and how much she loves and respects each child. Katie went from a small 4 child, in home daycare to the much larger Pre-K class and had no trouble adjusting. As well as learning math, science, social studies, reading and writing. Every lesson reinforced the concepts of teamwork, consideration, respect and friendship. I do feel that the combination of the academics and these core values is one that will carry her through her entire school career. I enjoyed attending field trips when possible and all of the fun parties only enhanced the great learning experience. The parent-teacher relationship is very important and I never felt that I couldn’t approach her teacher or any of the leadership team with an issue or concern. That is a great comfort and something that is rare. After Pre-K , Katie moved to K5 and we were delighted that Amanda was the lead teacher. With the smaller class, more one-on-one attention is possible and all of the children are thriving. I have been very impressed with the level of learning that Amanda has introduced to the kids. I know they are doing 1st grade work already and are enjoying it as well as excelling. To see Katie’s reading ability skyrocket this past year has been so exciting to watch and she just loves to learn. I know that the skills he has learned in K5 have set the stage for her to grow and enjoy school for years to come. I feel that she can go to any school, public or private, for 1st grade and have no problems fitting in socially, emotionally or academically. Keeping Katie at KRK through K5 was a great choice and we couldn’t be happier with the administration, teachers, support staff and overall support we have received from KRK Mableton. The team at KRK will work to ensure that your child is safe, secure and loves to go to school. What more can a parent ask for? Now, when is the Kids R Kids 1st grade opening? Thanks for a great learning experience!
Scott & Jennifer Childress - GA
A "wickedly-talented" teacher in K5
Your reading this means that you are considering enrolling your child at Kids R Kids in Mableton. I hope this letter will do nothing but bring you a peace of mind in knowing you are making the best decisions for your child’s early educational development. From the tour you’ve undoubtedly gathered that this KRK facility is top notch. We remember the curriculum for the K5 class was unmatched when we were in your shoes looking for the best experience we could provide for our child. From the cooking classes, to yoga, to sports, to Spanish, to Mrs. V’s café and the after school care program; you will find it difficult to beat KRK in Mableton. There hasn’t been a day that has gone by that our child has not wanted to tell us all about what he has learned in school. More than the curriculum we wanted to tell you all about the staff at KRK. Every day you are warmly and sincerely greeted by a staff that is earnestly glad to see you and excited about the opportunities they are able to provide for your child (ren). There’s always something smelling good coming from Ms. V’s café. You always get a warms mile from Ms. Candice and when you drop off and pick up that gives you the assurance that your child is being well cared for. A great beginning to your evening is the enthusiastic greeting from Ms. Ilene in the after school program that you begin to look forward to each day followed by updates on how the day has been for your child. And there’s Shanna. Let’s just say there isn’t a problem or issue that woman cannot fix – she makes a mean chocolate covered strawberry too. Then there is Amanda King (aka Ms. Amanda). “A great teacher is like a candle. It consumes itself to light the way for others.” That is a quote we found about teachers and feel it embodies Amanda’s commitment to our kids. I say “our” kids because Amanda is part of our family and holds a very special place in our hearts for how devoted she truly is to our son Jacob. Our son has some unique challenges that he faces and we cease to be amazed at the creative and effective ways Amanda has conquered many of those challenges. We have yet to stump her with finding a way to uniquely handle any learning challenges that Jacob faces. She never gives up! She just keeps coming with different ways to approach an issue when one way is not working. We have noticed a continued mark improvement in our son’s cognitive abilities, desire to learn and retention, some of which we have been able to verify through testing. On several occasion our son has been able to answer questions on his first grader brother’s homework. Often times Jacob can answer math problems his older brother is struggling with. We are actually worried that our son will be bored in school next year! We could write a book about non-tangible contributions Amanda makes to Jacob’s development. She is nurturing, caring, firm when it’s needed and is helping Jacob to understand responsibility and what it means to be a good citizen. We love the inclusive environment that Amanda creates in her class through frequent communication and always making time to meet with us to discuss Jacob’s progress. KRK Mableton was the first place we looked when we began. After a grueling search of many other schools nearby and farther away, we just couldn’t find a better place for Jacob. Amanda, Angela, Shanna, Ilene, Sandi and everyone at KRK have done nothing by to fortify our decision to enroll Jacob. You have been fortunate enough that fate, karma, a higher power or whatever has brought has brought you to KRK and provided such compassionate, patient, devoted and “wickedly-talented” educator as Amanda King. We cannot think of any reason why we should not whole-heartedly recommend Amanda and KRK to your family. We wish you all the success with your family as Amanda has brought to ours.
James Mullen - GA
K5 is a hidden jewel
Kids R Kids Mableton is a “hidden” jewel. As a parent of 3 other children that attend local Private Schools, “Mrs. Amanda’s” kindergarten class is on par, if not above, my big name private kindergarten experience. Mrs. Amanda is an extremely gifted teacher. She has truly found her calling. She has high expectations for the kids, which helps them to perform their very best. In addition to her expectations (which I appreciate), she is patient, loving, kind and very generous with her time. She will give any extra moments she has to address any concerns you may have. She will also voice her concerns about your child with compassion; before the situation gets out of control or before she or the child is too frustrated. She has taken the time to really get to know my child; so much so, she can access the situation and redirect any behavior before he even thinks to react negatively. If he happens to react in a way that is not productive, she is able to comfort him without “babying” him. My son is the youngest in his class and the youngest in a large family, but is gifted academically. That comes with many challenges, but Mrs. Amanda and Kids R Kids have teamed together with me to make sure that my son’s experience everyday at school is the best. The best way to sum it up is – last year he wanted to stay home with mommy and would skip a day any time he got the chance. This year when his siblings had the day off from school and were going swimming, my son chose to attend school that day instead of going to the pool. We really have enjoyed our time here – and are very sad that he has to grow-up and leave here!
Yvonne Hopkins - GA
Great experience
I am writing this letter to complement your staff on the exceptional service our children have received during the 2011 summer season. Our son is entering kindergarten and daughter first grade. We have heard only excellent comments on your facility which was the primary reason to send our children to Kids-R-Kids. When our son first day we were a little nervous because he had only attended on preschool and was not sure how this transition would be. My wife told me that he walked in with no problem the first day. When asking him about his day he couldn’t say enough about how nice Ms. Carolina and Mr. Eddie were. That put us right at ease. Knowing how reserved he is and to be excited about his new environment is a testimony to how your staff is trained to work with the age groups of students who attend your facility. My daughter absolutely loves the field trips, mini water park, and the friends she has met this summer. She is always excited coming home and sharing what she has learned during the day. The facility is always bright, clean, and safe. The staff is always positive from the moment you walk in to the moment you leave. Parents are appreciated and treated positively and respectful. We do look forward to next summer because our kids will be at your center.
Kyle and TaSonja - GA
K5 is Awesome!
When I decided to go back to work full time after three and a half years as a stay at home mom, you can imagine the range of emotions I was going through. Guilt, excitement, doubt. I can honestly say that from the very first day Skip and I enrolled our two children, Colby and Avery, into KRK Mableton, we have not only been happy with our decision but are also extremely proud of our decision. Here’s why: Kids R Kids has been far more than a day care. To us, it’s been a place that our children have excelled both academically and socially. In addition to the advanced curriculum we see in both the pre-K 4 and K5 programs, it’s also the love that the teachers genuinely feel, not only for our children, but all the children. In speaking specifically about Mrs. Amanda’s K 5 class, we would strongly encourage any parent to give their child the opportunity to attend. The small student to teacher ratio, Mrs. Amanda’s educational background, her patience with the children, her creativity in coming up with fun projects and incentive based programs to reach class goals and her passion for keeping parents involved are just some of the highlights. In addition to regular parent teacher conferences and progress reports we also get sunshine reports or personalized emails/texts letting us know when Colby reached a particular academic goal or if he personally had a great day. Likewise, we also get reports when Colby is not on his best behavior or needs help with a particular skill set and we appreciate that as well so we know what to work on at home. As first time parents to a 5 year old, we had no expectations of what they could or should be learning at this age but we are constantly amazed by how much Colby and his classmates either already know or in the process of learning. From telling time, memorizing sight words, adding and subtracting, fieldtrips, arts and crafts, exercise, computer lab, Spanish, yoga and drama, this K-5 program truly has everything to set your child on an excellent personal and academic path. We highly recommend the K5 program and like you will probably hear from many other parents, we wish we could stay at KRK for 1st grade as well!
Skip & Sheila Meyer - GA
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